Bahrain's Economic Development Board in Spain

07 june 2024 Photo

ALEASTUR Group plays key role in facilitating meeting between EBD and CRE100DO Foundation.

We are pleased to share the successful outcome of the recent meeting between The Economic Development Board (EDB) of Bahrain and companies from the CRE100DO Foundation in Madrid. This significant encounter took place during the EDB's official visit to Spain, aimed at fostering stronger economic ties and exploring collaborative opportunities between Bahrain and Spanish enterprises.

The meeting, held on June 4, brought together key representatives from the EDB: Ali Almudaifa, Chief business development officer; Ugo Vicenzini, Strategic advisor of the CEO and Aurelio Castilla, Head of international offices and several prominent members of the CRE100Do Foundation. Discussions centered on potential investment opportunities, mutual interests, and the benefits of Bahrain as a strategic hub for businesses looking to expand in the Gulf region.

ALEASTUR Group, as facilitator of the meeting, due to its ties and roots in Bahrain, is very satisfied with the course of the session. As CRE100DO Foundation member, the company support and expertise were instrumental in facilitating this valuable gathering.

CRE100DO is a consolidated foundation which aims to promote business excellence by grouping and supporting Spanish middle market companies. Companies that due to their characteristics are capable of improving the competitiveness of our production model.

We look forward to continued engagement with Spanish companies and further strengthening the economic ties between Bahrain and Spain.