50 years of commitment to the future.

04 april 2024 Photo

ALEASTUR GROUP celebrates its 50th anniversary, standing out for its business history oriented towards growth, internationalization and innovation.

50 years operating globally since its inception and contributing to generating a positive impact on the economic and social environment where it is established.

Since 1974, the year the company was founded and the beginning of activities in the Steel and Steel division, GRUPO ALEASTUR has forged a history marked by its commitment to quality, sustainability and a service of closeness and adaptability to the client. Half a century throughout which, it has maintained sustained growth based on the specialization, high qualifications and values ​​of its human team.

1974 – 2024: Half a century in continuous evolution

One of the fundamental pillars of GRUPO ALEASTUR's business strategy has been, since its inception, internationalization; through expansion into new international markets and establishing key strategic alliances.

The company has naturally opted to expand its operations globally, conquering new markets around the world. Throughout these 50 years, GRUPO ALEASTUR has had to adapt and transform profoundly, but it has done so without losing its founding values, maintaining a local focus and a global perspective. These, together with a marked character of self-improvement and desire for constant improvement, have allowed us to prosper in the global market and successfully face the difficulties of a constantly changing environment.

In these five decades of history, the company has maintained that vision of business growth and expansion by constantly seeking new business opportunities and putting customers at the center. GRUPO ALEASTUR has the determination to be a committed and sustainable business, with roots and that lasts over time, which is why it applies the principle of constant improvement and innovation in all the functional areas of the group and has not stopped implementing important improvements in its factories in order to make its processes more efficient. In this sense, in 2021, the opening of a new production plant in Bahrain stands out, which, together with the new subsidiaries and logistics points, allows the group to expand in rapidly growing markets, significantly increasing response capacity.

The result of all this impressive effort is that, today, GRUPO ALEASTUR is a global figure: 90% of the business is directed to the foreign market, selling to more than 800 clients located in 80 countries.


Celebration of the 50th Anniversary together with the Inauguration of the Innovation Center

As part of the celebration of this anniversary, GRUPO ALEASTUR will carry out various commemorative activities, including the official inauguration of the company's Innovation Center.

From the new Center, the traditional R&D model based on the research and development of new products and processes (part of the group's DNA) will be consolidated in order not only to enrich the existing know-how but also to undertake new projects. focused on industry 5.0, circularity of materials, advanced manufacturing and the search for new business opportunities.


The human team, a fundamental pillar of its success

Behind every milestone achieved in these 50 years is the effort of all those people who have made it possible to get here and who have accompanied us at different stages during these 50 years. The commitment, dedication and excellence of each of its members have been crucial to the success of the company and its expansion over the decades.

With these commemorative activities, GRUPO ALEASTUR not only celebrates its past achievements, but also looks enthusiastically toward the future, confident in continuing to consolidate its growth and adding value to its economic and social environment.