tailoring products for sustainable metal industries

committed with the future

The industry and the proper global economy represent typically a complex, variable and interconnected ecosystem of which we are all part.

ALEASTUR GROUP have always been conscious about that. We are a key link connected to the activity of our customers and we act accordingly. Their products and their subsequent applications are part of our same value chain which commits us from the beginning.

It is that attitude of commitment that defines us:

committed with innovation We continuously improve our products and processes to solve the most demanding requirements. We are committed to the industry. That is why we are appreciated by more than 800 clients in 75 countries.
committed with our customer base We are fully devoted to our customers and the services they require, wherever they are. We make their difficulties and technical challenges our own, adapting customized solutions for them.
committed with sustainable growth Our work standards and the prosperity of our businesses are definitely oriented to sustainable growth and practices being conscious of the direct and long-term implications to our human team, stakeholders, local economy, social community and the environment.

business activities

aluminium division Specialized in the manufacture of complex, value-added aluminium alloys that are used for different purposes and applications within the transformation chain of the proper aluminum industry. In all segments of the value chain to which our products are directed, we are considered one of the most relevant and technically advanced operators worldwide. More info
steel division Specialized in the manufacture of special refractories and auxiliary additives for the steel industry, constantly innovating and developing new value-added which are competitive and delivered to international markets. More info

a world full of possibilities

As a key player in the very first steps of the industry value chain, from the ALEASTUR GROUP we help materials come to life in multiple uses and ending applications.

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