Our purpose

commitment and evolution

The industrial sector has a decisive influence on society and the economy both from a global and local perspective. It is very demanding and typically requires long-term sizable investments. It is also particularly noteworthy the local economic impact in terms of employment and demand for proximity services./p>

All of that lead us to a profound process of corporate transformation, in which we evolve towards an increasingly agile and efficient organization which makes decisions based on data and actively collaborates with the ecosystem. We put our people and their safety, our social responsibility and the environment at the center of our sustainable growth strategy.

We have not stopped evolving during more than 45 years. But at the same time, we have also forged our character and reinforced our values and principles that have always defined us.

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firm pillars

We are adopting at all levels of the ALEASTUR GROUP a profound transformation that would allow us to face new challenges and opportunities ahead keeping intact our true foundational values.

On that basis, we will continue offering and expanding our portfolio of f high value-added products and services.

QA & innovation

We do always pursue high quality standards and competitiveness as part of the basics for consolidation our solid reputation in the international market.

Being specialized in the manufacturing of complex and demanding products, we continuously deal with technological challenges as part of our daily activities.

We firmly believe in R&D and continuous innovation as key engines of future growth. This commitment is materialized in the recurrent allocation of human, technical and economic resources for that purpose. That is indeed part of our true nature and DNA.

growth oriented and global presence

During our entire trajectory we have been originally searching for new markets and business models based upon value-added opportunities.

ALEASTUR GROUP has implemented a geostrategic approach throughout the deployment of distribution units in selected regions all around the world.

This global commitment would be backed with the first production facility that we are about to start-up overseas, specifically in Bahrain (Middle East).

We are leaving in that sense our comfort zone and taking the thrilling challenge of expanding our operational and commercial capabilities from another part of the world.

digital adoption

We implement the technology that requires a data-based decision taking. We remain attentive to the opportunities offered by digitization and 4.0 technologies in our facilities as a booster of efficiency and continuous improvement.

In short, we drive the digitization adoption to all aspects of the organization methodologies, processes, control, analysis and communication.

We do facilitate and promote open collaboration as well as digital adoption with our local partners and industry ecosystems.

customer orientation and reliability

We are devoted to our customers and always pursue a close and direct relationship with all of them. Understanding first-hand their needs and specific requirements give us the chance not only to become a reliable supplier but more importantly a valuable business partner.

We do always react quickly and offer deem flexibility to any prompt request from our customers. They just represent a key piece of our truly essence and purpose.

We do act with complete integrity and transparency in any of our activities with our customers, suppliers and rest of stakeholders, under a full compliance of our code of conduct.

ESG commitment

We do care about the safety of our employees and the well-being of our social community and the environment.

We are aware of our influence in the social community and the natural environment so we do act accordingly in a responsible and proactive way.

We maintain within our priorities the corresponding improvement efforts in terms of sustainability and responsibility. We do encourage and pursue safety and health at work, energy efficiency, circular economies, training and professional development of our employees and support to the local economy.

branding and communication

Our transformation process directly and decisively affects the definition of our brand and the positioning in the market. We have updated our corporate image overlooking to faithfully represent our nature, activities and corporate values.

We have also reviewed our communication, online channels and relationship with the rest of stakeholders and broadly with local communities.

It is in short, a comprehensive renewed representation of who we are and how we do interact with our ecosystems.

past and present

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CRE100DO: the middle market foundation for excellence

In 2017 we were invited to be part of the national program CRE100DO and became in 2019 members of the Companies Commission at the time it was formally incepted as a Foundation.

We became part of a selected group of companies considered to be leading the middle-market in Spain. We are definitely very proud of such a recognition which inherently defines us as a “resilient, internationalized and committed company with employees, innovation, growth and sustainability, acting as a reference and benchmark for smaller national entities”.

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sustainable growth

The overall industry is called to revitalize and modernize its standards, adapting to the proper evolution of society and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Under that premise, we do find both a challenge and an aspiration. Based on our own founding values, we do strive in our proper adaptation very willing to thrive and comply with those general initiatives and expectations.


work with us

We are aimed to recruit, learn and grow with talented professionals. As a group pursuing expansion and transformation, we need different profiles to further strengthen our organization.

As part of our innovative nature, we demand people specifically trained in our metallurgical fields. Being immersed in a deep digital transformation, we are also overlooking for professionals and external partners in the such a field of expertise.

The ALEASTUR GROUP is a growing family very proud of the human team.

Would you like to be part of it?

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