Who we are

past, present and future

We have been developing our industrial activity for more than 45 years under a permanent search for improvement in competitiveness, efficiency and specialization. A group in expansion and in the midst of a full process of transformation.


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Expanding our activities throughout the international markets and taking on new challenges to meet the needs of our customers globally, has earned us various recognitions and achievement of significant milestones during our history since 1974.

Since then, we have been maintaining our orientation to international markets and expanding our relationship with global players, maintaining a solid and geographically highly diversified business baseline.

All throughout our history, the projection and the business development model of the group has been enriched and leveraged with certain strategic industrial and shareholding alliances, delivering the opportunity to consolidate our growth and our incessant search for new challenges and opportunities. Always combining our natural global focus with the corresponding local perspective in all the business activities.

1974 Incorporation and start-up of our steel activities
1985 Inception of our aluminium division
1999 Regional award (IDEPA) as gold export local entity
2004 Subsidiary incorporation in the USA
2010 Subsidiary incorporation in The Netherlands
2012 Regional awards (IDEPA-CEEI) to innovation, internationalization and HSE
2012 Subsidiary incorporation in Spain (ESALROD, part of the aluminium division)
2014 ESALROD started the productive journey with the aim of becoming a global player of reference and willing to satisfy the growing demand in the international market. At the end of that same year, the new production plant was officially inaugurated.
2016 Best Business Project award by Spanish media firm Actualidad Economica
2016 Entry as a shareholder of the SWF of Bahrain (BMCH)
2017 Incorporation to the program CRE100DO (leading Spanish middle market entities)
2017 ESALROD nomination in CEPYME500 (top 500 growing companies in Spain)
2018 Subsidiary incorporation in Bahrain
2019 Member of the Companies SteerCo at Foundation CRE100DO
2021 Construction of first production unit overseas (Bahrain)
2022 Launch event of our new plant in Bahrain
2023 Growth Award from the Business Awards of the Principality of Asturias
2024 1974-2024:
50th anniversary celebration

our group in figures

7 companies
presence in 13 countries
300 employees
4 plants of
more than 800 customers
more than 80 countries

global footprint

We deliver our products to more than 80 countries in the world. We have a direct presence throughout production facilities, subsidiaries and distribution centers in Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, the US, Brazil, Turkey, Bahrain, Thailand, Taiwan, China and Japan.

group entities
distribution centers
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corporate structure

We structure our activities within the group in two clearly differentiated divisions (aluminum and steel), segmented into different business units and production plants.

We also have a direct presence in other geographies throughout group subsidiaries in charge of logistics and commercial activities.

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